What are your candles made from?

Our candles are made from a soy coconut based wax with a highly refined petroleum jelly which is vegan, cruelty free and sustainably sourced. 

Our wax melts are made from a soy based wax. 

All our wax products contain a luxury fragrance. 

How long should I burn my candle for?

We recommend letting your candle burn for around 3 hours, especially on the first burn. This will ensure an even melt pool and avoid tunnelling. We don't recommend you burn your candle for more than 4 hours to avoid the glass becoming too hot and the wick sooting. 

You will want to burn your massage candle just enough for the treatment before blowing the flame out and allowing the wax to cool slightly before using. A little goes a long way and it doesn't take long to melt!

How should I take care of my candle?

Taking care of your candle is key! Ensure the wick is trimmed to around 1/4 inch before each burn and allow the melt pool to reach the edges of the container with each burn. 

Some mushrooming of your wick is normal due to the high percentage of fragrance we use. Before the next burn, just trim this bit off. 

How do I use my massage candle?

Our massage candles contain a blend of skin nourishing butters and oils in order to hydrate the skin and create a soothing atmosphere. In order to use trim the wick to around 1/4 inch and light away from draughts. Allow the wax to melt so that you have enough for your massage. Gently extinguish the flame and allow the wax to cool slightly. Ensure the wax isn't too hot before using! Drizzle the warmed oils onto the skin and massage in. A little goes a long way! 

Do you deliver to anywhere outside of the UK?

Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to deliver to other parts of the world, but watch this space!